…February 10th, 11th, and 12th at the Pittsburgh Mills

If you’ve had days when you’ve been sitting around waiting for customers to call you or come through the door, then I’m going to ask you to do something to put life back into your business!  The StrongLand Chamber is here to help you and we’ve proven over and over again that by having a booth in the StrongLand HomExpo at the Mills Mall you will definitely find people who will help you improve your bottom line.

Sure it doesn’t just happen, so you’ve got to develop an interesting booth, with a few “bells and whistles” to “attract the eye of the passer-by”.  A good booth needs something to tell prospective customer, at a glance, who you are and what you do.  The customers at our home show actually look for you, because you are the reason that they come because we do a good job of promoting our HomExpo and the individual businesses that are in it. 

Home Shows are great draws in the winter, ours especially, because it is the “largest free to the public” show in Western Pennsylvania and everyone is always looking for something free to do.  It’s sandwiched between the Monroeville and the Pittsburgh shows, which can cost a family of four more than $70 to attend, especially when you add in the parking.  We help everyone to forget their mid-winter troubles and get excited about the advent of spring.  In a recent study we have proven that over 80% of the people who come to the Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills during our show, come, not for regular mall shopping, but because they want to see the home show.

So if you want to inquire about available booth space, please call the StrongLand Chamber Office at 724.845.5426 or visit our website at strongland.org and click under events and HomExpo to get the actual floor plan and registration form. The StrongLand HomExpo will be held this year on February 10th, 11th, and 12th.  Apply to reserve a booth today, before they’re all taken.   Click here for the application, contract, and map, .
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