Even with the overbearing rain, the StrongLand Alle-Kiski-Connie Rivers Sojourn was able to hold its state sponsored event, May 12 – 15, 2011.  With a large field of canoes and kayaks (33 boats, in all) and 47 participants, this huge flotilla was able to “take on” a major piece of water each day, and I don’t mean the water falling from the sky.  They came from distant places like Buffalo, New York, Nova Scotia, Canada and Toledo, Ohio as well as Pennsylvania to enjoy our most valued natural resource, our local waterways.  Thanks to Kathie Males, StrongLand Sojourn Event Director, and her expert crew of safety people, everyone survived and enjoyed the event.  The Environmental Learning Center made a perfect base camp from which to embark on a daily paddling adventure.  The flotilla went out on the Kiski River, the Crooked Creek Reservoir, and even took part in Butler County’s Paddle Fest at Moraine State Park.
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